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Long Term Rental Property Management Services

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Lessor Consultation: We will meet with you to discuss your goals and become familiar with the property. Based upon your needs we will help you work through any concerns you might have.

Determining Rent Amounts: Like any other commodity on the market, your house or apartment must be at the right price in order to produce the results you desire. If it is overpriced, it may not rent as quickly as you want, if it is underpriced it may rent quickly, but not to the type of tenant you desire, etc. You will have the final say in the amount of rent charged, but we can help you arrive at this decision based upon similar properties on the market, as well as recently rented properties.

Exclusive Leasing Agreement: You will be asked to sign an exclusive authorization to lease. This allows us to market the property and protects our right to compensation for our services. Our services are guaranteed. If, at any time, you feel that we are not doing our job and if differences cannot be mutually resolved with the leasing agent and the broker, we will release you from the contract (some restrictions apply).

Time on the Market: Many units are on the market for 30 days or less before renting. Is it guaranteed? No, many things influence the time it takes to rent a unit such as condition, price, location, lease terms and conditions, and availability for showing. If it takes more than 30 days to rent your unit we will talk about the things that would make it rent better.

Advertising: All advertising is done at our expense through our web site and other web sites. We also use local print media on a targeted basis. We also have several calls each day from prospective tenants looking for rentals as well as our lead list.

Showing: We show the property as many times as it takes to get the job done. Showings are often scheduled in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate the tenants.

Move in Check List: Every tenant is provided a move in check list and required to note any damages within 5 days of move in. This helps avoid misunderstandings later on.

Screening Tenants: Prospective tenants are required to fill out our application which requests former landlords, employment and personal references. There is also a mandatory credit check done at the tenant’s expense. We discuss our findings with you to let you make the final decision.

Lease: We have a standard lease which is appropriate for most situations. There is space where any specific concerns you may have can be addressed and added.

Security Deposit: As standard procedure, we collect an amount equal to one month’s rent up front for a security deposit in addition to the first month’s rent. All monies are accountant for and forwarded to you within 14 working days of receipt, with the appropriate commission deducted. Security deposits are placed in an escrow account.

Keys: We provide the new tenant with 2 keys at our expense.

Pre-Rental Digital Photos: Each unit will be digitally photographed prior to the tenant’s moving in to provide an accurate condition of the property prior to occupancy.

What if you get a bad tenant? Unfortunately, no guarantee can cover human nature. We do all we can to prevent this by carefully screening prior to rental. However, there are times when a tenant loses his job or becomes ill and is unable to pay rent. We are familiar with the “helping” agencies in the area who may offer the temporary assistance needed to make the difference. And, we have experience with the remedies available to landlords. You may still need to seek legal advice in some situations.

Funds: All funds collected by Management for the account of the Owner including security/damage deposit will be deposited in a local federally insured bank in an account controlled and held by Newfound Rental Properties.

Level of Service? This is your decision to make. Complete levels of services are offered. We will find a tenant and end our services with the move in, or we can continue to administer the lease, collect monthly rents, respond to emergencies and do periodic inspections.

Owners Responsibilities: Requirements for Unit Rental

  1. Property must be inspected by a representative of Newfound Rental Properties if this is a first-time rental property before entering into the Lease and Management Agreement.
  2. You must provide Newfound Rental Properties with a signed Authorization to Lease agreement, which appoints Newfound Rental Properties as the exclusive agent to lease, rent and manage the property.
  3. Copy of Applicable Bylaws, Rules and Regulations for property.
  4. A complete inventory of your home must be on file in the rental office. A copy will be provided to the tenant as well.
  5. All rental properties shall be equipped with the appropriate type and number of smoke detectors as required by state law RSA 153 and local ordinances (check with the local fire chief).
  6. Owner must fill out and sign attached ‘Disclosure of Lead Based Paint and/or Lead Based Paint Hazards’. Required if the property was built prior to 1978.
  7. Owner shall maintain premises in a safe, clean, and sanitary manner as required by RSA 48a and other applicable codes and ordinances.
  8. Owner will carry any and all insurance needed to protect said owner both as to his property and to all liability. Said liability coverage will be in the minimum amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000). Newfound Rental Properties to be named as additional insured.

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