Paul Santonelli


I grew up in Wakefield Mass. I excelled in music at an early age studying piano. I was accepted at New England Conservatory of Music at the age of twelve. I performed in many recitals and concerts and continued in the field of music. I also excelled in choral music representing my high school at the district, state, national and world level of completion.

I, however, was looking for a career that would enhance my ability to see the world and glamour that surrounds it. Therefore I was chosen as one of the first male international flight attendants for the airlines. I not only had to fill duties of being a flight attendant, carving rack of lamb, deboning Dover Sole, making Caesar salad from scratch, and Cherries Jubilee but also had to be able to play Mozart and Beethoven Sonatas on board in the upper deck of the 747 for passengers while they dined in first class. I stayed in this profession until recently when medical issues forced my retirement with the airlines. I hired on as a Flight Attendant and after many years of service I attained my goal as Direct of Flight Attendants. I have had many years of fond memories and incidents happening through my career with the airline industry.

I am very much with Landmark Education, an education that betters oneself and the world one lives in. My commitment in life is "to make a difference that makes a difference in everyone's life I come across or deal with and to do it with integrity". I am also a member of the Plymouth United Church of Christ. I volunteer my services to teach piano to the senior citizens at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center and various assisted living facilities. I am a member of the New Hampshire Gay Men's Chorus.


Hi Paul,

Hope you know how happy Ruth and I are to have our NH property sold. The relief we feel far over shadows the regret of giving it up. You did most of the showings at the open houses, and your easy manner of dealing with people, gave us confidence that you would succeed in completing a sale.

You and John put in a lot of time and effort. We really appreciate the extra work you went too, to get rid of everything we left behind. As you know, we had to leave in a hurry to get here for our Son's wedding, leaving you with a job you don't usually have to handle.

We wish you must success in the future.

Sincerely, Pete & Ruth Johnson

February 4, 2015

Dear Mr. Miller,

Now that I have finally settled in to my new home, I have had a chance to reflect on the entire experience. I appreciate having had the chance to work through Coldwell Banker. Everyone in your office was friendly and supportive. I really owe a lot to your realtor Paul Santonelli. Paul was my "Buyer's Facilitator". He scheduled every showing promptly and was very reassuring that I would find my dream home. However, after finding my dream home, the experience with the mortgage companies was far from being a dream, as you know.

The mortgage companies were inept causing everyone involved anger and frustration. The mortgage program's process was ludicrous. If Paul had not intervened by contacting the mortgage company directly, we'd probably still be waiting to close. He stepped up to the plate and took an initiative that no one else did and he put the pressure on the right people which finally got the process moving.

Paul was very supportive and optimistic throughout the entire purchase. He kept me aware of deadlines for various documents, contacts and appointments. Paul even called and met with various contractors when I had to work. I am grateful to have had Paul Santonelli on my team.

Sincerely, Lynda Niles